Huw Jenkins needs to hold his hands up!! We need to make him!!

I don’t have any issue with our last board making huge amounts of money off the shares that they bought for peanuts (well relatively) but it is clear that this sale has landed us in the shit.

Not necessarily because the new owners are evil vultures looking for a fast buck but because the sale of the club took priority over the continual development of our club squad and our last boards eyes were clearly taken off the ball and the clubs bigger picture.

It looks as though Huw Jenkins is going to stay on as chairman for the foreseeable future and his overall record is clearly outstanding but he needs to get the fans behind him once again and I believe he can do this by simply holding his hands up and coming clean.

Any reasonable fan (and we do have some of them) will understand that the offer that he and other board members (and their families) had for their shares was too good to turn down (and I can hold my hand up and say that I would have taken the money too!)  but what I personally want is for him to hold is hands up and say ‘I take responsibility for our current position, I haven’t been a fully focused chairman the last 18 months but I’m back on the game, the club has my full focus and we are all aiming to get the best for Swansea City Football Club once again’.

That would do it for me and I’m sure that it would for many fans. We aren’t unreasonable people but we aren’t fucking idiots either, treat us with respect and it works both ways. Jenkins himself has always been ruthless with managers and demanded an exceptionally high standard or the door awaits. Kenny Jacket did great for us for a while but after a poor spell he was out the door, the same for Laudrup and Monk. If Huw Jenkins judged himself as harshly then he’d already be gone; he’s got a ‘last chance’ that those managers never has, he needs to use it well and he should start by publically admitting recent mistakes.