3 Year Deal for Routledge sparks anger from fans on planetswans

‘I fear for what he might be like in 3 years time’, ‘noticeably slower than he used to be’ and a ‘rubbish footballer and the club are spineless’ were some of the comments to the news of Routledge signing his new deal. There were some with a more positive feel about the deal but it seems clear that the deal hasn’t excited a lot of fans.

I’ve always liked Routledge but he hasn’t had a great season (but then who has?) and a player who was once able to easily whip the ball into the box given half a yard, now seems to generally turn around and pass backwards.

Add to this the fact that Dyer has a deal which finishes a year after this one and it does seem a little odd to tie down your wingers
to such long deals at the later stages of their career.

Having said that, Routs does seem to have a sensible head these days which is increasingly rare in football and it could be that the manager and chairman feel that he’s a good egg to have around the dressing room and he may be here for the long-term.

What do you think?