5 Positives & 5 negatives about Swans v Chelsea

5 Positives

Jordi Amat
Do not underestimate the role the Spaniard played in our win. There are times in a match where leaders stand up and are counted; gamble close to the rules and lift the side. His 15 minute ‘tussle’ with Costa changed the tempo and spice of the match. If he got sent off then he’s a naive fool; he didn’t though!

Easily Man of the Match, he is a complete midfielder and needs the licence to be able to get forward and get back. Enjoyed picking the ball up from the back 3 and driving the side up field. I’m still not sold on him but that is definitely where he needs to play.

Instant impact. The boy is dangerous. A very simple question; if you were playing against the Swans, would you be happy if he was left out of starting eleven?

You cannot fault the effort from the boys on the park today and the Liberty had a bid of attitude to it today too! I’m expecting a relegation battle; we need it!!!!

1 point
We could and probably should have been out of the game by half time but we wasn’t! There is a knack to picking up points and Guidolin seems to have that ability!

5 Negatives

Starting line-up
Quite simply; it was awful!! We were never going to threaten Chelsea with a big man up top but no wingers! It left us with Siggy trying to feed off the scraps which llorente provided which was never going to work.

The set-up didn’t play to his strengths but little came off for him. Wilfried Bony looks far better at holding the ball up on that showing!

Mr Defensive HAD to unleash the Ecuadorian for the last twenty minutes! Chelsea were always going to throw men forward and having him and Barrow as awaiting threats was a must!!

No striker and a combined total of a handful of goals between them. The starting eleven isn’t great but the squad is woeful.

I think we all feel it, there is a sense of frustration hovering around the club at the moment and it is hard not to feel that getting to the players if results go against us and the fans attitudes worsen.