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About Jack Swan

How Jack Swan became the best magazine around!

Jack Swan magazine was started in 2011 with a clear audience in mind; Football fans! And football fans could be generally put into a certain bracket; generally male, 18-40 and from the working classes.
So our magazine was put together with this in mind. Dodgy jokes which would offend others etc…

Problem was that firstly: Football appeals to a far greater audience than what we initially appreciated and secondly and more surprisingly; so do dodgy jokes!

We would regularly drop magazines off in places where elderly women were asking ‘is that the new Jack Swan magazine?’ and thought; this isn’t for you! You’re not supposed to like this!

So we looked into this some more and found that a lot of our readers weren’t who we expected and that some didn’t even like football but liked the ‘tone’ of the magazine.

After learning this we introduced the food and music sections, interviewed leading politicians locally, reviewed activities, played at being Top Gear etc… all in the same Jack Swan style and without losing any football and Swans content! The magazine went from strength to strength and continues to do so. It now boasts 100 pages, full colour with a perfect bind.

But it continues to evolve……..