Ash closes in on £10 million switch to Everton; He’s worth ten times that to Swansea!!!!

Sunday reports are that our skipper has all but finalised his deal to Everton for ten million quid and although there will be some who say that that’s a great bit of business for a 31 year old who we signed for £400,000; I think it’s a poor move if true!

Put incredibly simply; Swansea are a far better side with Ashley Williams in the starting line up. He had a poor spell of form in the middle of last season and it coincided with us dropping into the relegation zone and looking absolutely awful! The whole teams performance relies on him!

He is a leader! Other players performance levels reflect on the captain of Wales and how he performs. The form of Amat, Fernandez, Rangel and Taylor are effected by whether Ash is playing or not.

Is he worth more than £10 million to Everton? No and he’s not worth more than that to any other club but he is to us. Our stability defensively has been built around him and his departure should be a slow and gradual one as he makes his way from playing to coaching here at SA1 in a few years time! How many points would we lose next season without him? how much is Premier League survival worth?

Hopefully this is just paper talk but it would be another really poor move by the club that has so far been an exceptionally poor Summer!