Ashley Williams sold for 5 premier league points!

Seventeenth is the aim then! And we might do it and it would be a remarkable job by board and management team if we are able to make another net-transfer profit (probably in excess of £20 million this calendar year) and stay in the Premier League. Hat off to them if that is our only goal as a football club (you would probably have guessed by now that I’m a bit miffed by everything! Where the f*ck is this money going?????)

But assuming that all goes to plan and we do stay up on the final day of the season and the coffers of the club is beyond recognition with riches; THE ASHLEY WILLIAMS DEAL STILL DOESN’T MAKE FINANCIAL SENSE!!!!

From next season on, £2 million per place is on offer. Personally, I would say that Ash for his ability and leadership is comfortably worth 6 points a season to us and there lies my confusion! In last season’s table, losing 6 points would have cost us £8 million (in ONE season alone) for others; it would have cost them the whole £12 million in one campaign.

£12 million is a lot of money, of course it is but I really don’t think that the club have worked out the current finances in the Premier League. £12 million is worth 6 league positions and Ash can easily make that sort of difference to us and I’m factoring this without considering whether or not losing six points will take us the wrong side of the relegation line and then we enter financial tatters!

I’m not saying he’s worth £12 million or £20 million or £50 million to anybody else, but to us? 4 days before a season kicks off? He’s not available! He’s indispensable. Simple as!

I’ve been told by some that our ambition is unquestionable as we look likely to break our transfer market record with a £15 million purchase. Would that be the £15 million profit we made on Bony?  So what about the £20 million from Ayew? £12 million from Ash? And the extra TV money which has totally changed the shape of every other top flight club!

17th would be remarkable. We need to get behind the boys as the season is fast approaching and I think the fans are going to need to somehow make up for a £50 million hole in our transfer budget this summer. We will have eleven players on the pitch and we will always get behind them, questions and frustrations will soon need to be set aside as the season starts but for now; What the fuck is going on!!!!!!???????