Huw Jenkins: Mastermind with managers?

It is hard to really know what goes on within a Football club; certainly at board room level. There have been increased calls for a change of direction, frustration at how the club is being run and a change at the helm is being mooted by fans and supporters groups

Satan hiding in Swansea??????

To be honest it kind of creeps me out that people could be blissfully shopping in town, completely oblivious to the fact that Satan himself is glaring at them. The statue has its origins in 1896, when St. Mary’s church underwent substantial structural plans. The task of re-designing the building was

Money Making Selling Club?

As Siggy secures his move to Everton. Does that now mean that since being in the Premier League we have sold a better eleven than our current one? Are the club being shrewd or tight? Vorm (£5 million) Chico     Williams    Davies (£3.6) (£12m) (£10 m) Jack Cork (£10m) Ayew        Allen   Jonjo    Sinclair   (£20m) (£15m) £12m) (£8m) Siggy (£45