I spoke with 7 Day Sport Newspaper this week, the paper is out now in shops but this is the bit about Jack Swan Magazine. Fans seem to have lost patience with the club owners according to a new poll by Jack Swan magazine who says that NOW is the time


It is very rare that I talk about egg chasing but I’ve learned a bit about the goings on in this dark and concerning world and I felt the need to share the sheer insanity of it with like-minded football folk who understand the importance of reality It is

How to take money out of a football club…………

Sometimes simple facts are overlooked.......... I think we need to look at some of them!!!!! Here I send an email to a mate of mine after we’ve had a few chats down the pub about the clubs finances. Dear Krem, I obviously speak with a lot of Swans fans and many echo

Season Ticket Sales Disaster For Cardiff City FC!

It is hard supporting a football club sometimes, especially when you’ve sold your soul, have a twat for a manager and play appallingly boring football and it seems Cardiff city’s ticket sales for the new season have showed just this. It is fair to say that they are blessed with a

Winners of Jack Swan Awards 2018 are:

Winners of Jack Swan Awards 2018 are: Category Sponsor Winner Best Music Venue South Wales Media The No Sign Bar Best Pub Curry Clydach Carpets The Bridge End Inn Best Sunday Lunch The Colliers Arms Best Family Pub Tom Whitehouse The Pub on the Pond Best Coffee MAKZ Kardoma Best Steak Fixing Solutions Steak By Night Best Chip Shop YourMag Hiks Best Street Food Brisco Jacket Potato Man Best Breakfast john Edwards Funeral director The Uplands Diner Best Barmaid Bay Tree

Sh!t You Should Know

‘Russia is one of the most unequal economies in the developed world. The biggest complaint from Russians is that Putin has failed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. 20 million Russians live below the poverty line while over 100 billionaires flaunt their wealth’ That is a line

Rangel: Swansea City’s Garry Neville

Leon is the greatest and I genuinely don’t think we would have achieved half of what we did if not for him but Angel Rangel played another very important role in the Swansea Way! Modern day, top flight full-backs are expected to overlap their winger and offer an attacking threat. In