Be Careful what you wish for!!

Have we become like every other group of fans in the Premier League? I should rephrase that to every group of fans at ‘established Premier League Clubs ’. The itchiness of fans is clear and I can’t pretend to be any different; we need a striker and we need one now!

Panic buy!! Because we are in a mess and we need to panic, if not we will go down!!!

Maybe. Maybe not. One thing is for sure and that is that it would be the beginning of a downward spiral if we were to pay over the odds for a player that we don’t actually want. We have an incredible record in the transfer market, we buy players at the right price and sell them for top dollar, that may be frustrating but it is kind of the (not so) secret to our success.

Dwight Gayle for Gomis is a perfect example. Our Frenchman has spent more time offside than in training but he’s a good player on his day, talented and valuable. Gayle has a poor goal scoring record, unproven in reality in the Premier League and isn’t who we want long term (or short term).

These are the deals which Newcastlejonjo do each year, Sunderland do each year and they often stay up and maybe they will this year too but do you think next season will be any different for them? Do you think that they can sustain their style of running a football club? And when they do go down (which they will) what then?

It may be frustrating but Huw and co are proven at this. Think long term, have faith in our players and our board. If nobody comes in then we will still have a great chance of staying up and will be in a great position in the Summer, if we bring someone in then it will be for the long term future of the club and not some knee-jerk reaction which will ensure that Newcastle never fulfil their potential.

If we are honest, Newcastle underachieve every year, they should be in the top five or six in terms of size and resources. We should be League one. As the title says; be careful what you wish for, we can be more like them and seriously underachieve or we can keep doing things our way, let others throw their money away and we can prosper in the Summer.