Best Band in and around Swansea?

Preparation for the Jack Swan awards 2017 has begun! Last year saw Raspberry Jam pick up the best band award and competition will be hot again this time around. Bands and any pub, cafe, burgervan, coffee shop etc.. need to register their details on to be considered for nomination for any of the awards and will then be whittled down to 10 to be put forward to the public voting stage.

Last year saw over 60,000 votes from the public. The night at the Liberty stadium was packed with glitzed and pissed folks from Bakery owners winning best pie to the winners of the best pub toilet and the Burger van of the year.

18 awards in Full are:-
Best Pub
Best Local
Best Sunday Lunch
Best Pub curry
Best Music Venue
Best Steak
Best Breakfast
Best Chip Shop
Best Barman
Best Barmaid
Best Band
Best Takeaway
Best Burgervan
Best Family Pub
Best Brewery
Best Pie
Best Posh Nosh
Best Coffee