Best Jonjo Chant Competition

The 16th of April is fast approaching and it could be an ‘I was there moment’ for Swans supporters. Imagine the Swans pick up a few more points, Newcastle begin to drift away in the relegation zone after losing ground to arch rivals Sunderland and then the Swans go up there and tear them apart (again).

There is little love lost between certain sections of Swans fans and England international Jonjo Shelvey and this dislike was made all the more worse by certain comments that the former Liverpool player made including ‘obviously it is gong to be Swansea’s loss in the end’.

We are running a competition in Jack Swan where you can win absolutely thing for the rest of your life!! That is right, every morning when you wake up, we will give you absolutely nothing!!!

To win this amazing prize simply send in your Jonjo chant whether pro or anti! The best ones will be published in issue #46 of Jack Swan which will be out before the Villa game!

Email or go back to the facebook link you just clicked (there probably is a far better way of doing this but then there are far better magazines isn’t there!!)