BEST MUSIC VENUE in Jack Swan Awards. Top 10 Nominees announced

Colliers Arms Skewen
As pub music venues goes, the Colliers arms couldn’t offer much more. A stage visible from almost anywhere in the pub and live music 3 times a week gives it a great chance to win this award.

Arch Night Club
Revamped, reopened and a place like no-other in Neath. The Arch offers an array of well known original acts, tributes and some yet to truly be discovered; a great music venue.

Uplands Tavern
The Tavern has long had a reputation for its love of live music and it just keeps on producing. A venue bands love to play and music enthusiasts flock to.

The Office
We wait in anticipation to see a revamped upstairs but downstairs still produces great nights of live music. It has mastered the blend of being a proper pub with music right at its core.

Whitez is the venue but the Garage is where all the real magic happens. From poets to heavy rock, this venue has something for everyone while in an intimate environment.

Sin City
Arguably Swanseas most well-known music venue, Sin City continues to keep to its ethic of offering original live music from just about anywhere!

No Sign Wine Bar
Deep in the maze of the fantastic No Sign Wine bar lays the Vault, there you will find a venue very worthy of its place in the top ten best Venues in Swansea and district.

The Bay View
A surprise and a well-known secret to many but the Bay View is far more than an incredible Thai restaurant. Offering live music as well as a very popular weekly Open Mic Night, you will do more than just enjoy the food.

Cross Keys, Neath
A proper pub in the Town Centre of Neath serving proper beer and offering proper live music; a proper night out!!

One of the most impressive looking venues, Hogarths continues to make its own stamp in the city. Its sheer size and high ceilings make it a really jaw dropping place to witness live music at its best.

 Voting will open next month with the winner being announced on our Jack Swan Awards night on Sunday 4th June at the Liberty Stadium.