BREAKING NEWS: Swansea to bid £18 million for Seamus Coleman from Everton

A sensational move sees Swansea try and tempt the Irish right back to South Wales and it is thought that Coleman will be attracted by the long-term ambition which the Welsh club are showing.

The Swans will then turn their attention to Demitri Payet at West Ham, Fonte at Southampton and Arnautovic at Stoke as they wish to raid the clubs around them in that 8th-12th group of clubs and then look to progress from there!!

Am I wrong or would this have been bordering plausible two seasons back?

Now, it is totally accepted that West Ham can raid us for Ayew, Everton can raid us for Williams and Stoke can lure Allen there as against coming home! What happened?

It looks quite likely that Baston will arrive this week and Ayew will depart which (assuming Ash) stays will leave our squad pretty much as it was last season which seems to be keeping people happy but I’m getting really annoyed to be honest!

Over the last two years we have gone from looking to progress into a top-ten side into and beyond into a club which hopes to finish seventeenth.

I’m not a spoilt plastic. I accept that we aren’t entitled to an 8th place finish year on year but I’m not happy settling for the current lack of ambition that we have. Why should we be even linked to selling our best players to clubs in that 8th to 12th bracket?