Mel’s Memories

I’d finished playing football, we’d won promotion and I found that my commitment to property and football was too much and I was only getting £20 a week before reductions, by the time I’m coming home then its £14. Was there any back hander’s in those days? No You were never offered anything

Mels Memory 4

As a Swansea boy born and bred, what do you think of Alan Curtis and the way that he behaved this season?? Curty has done well fair play to him. He’s a nice person and my advice to him is to be careful what you are doing now. I think he

Mels Memory 3

I don’t like to push myself. What I did was for me personally, I know that it was helping the club but I felt comfortable in doing it. As far as I’m concerned, as long as the club survives then I’m happy. What is football about today? it is all

Mels Memory 2

How good was the 1958 Wales team? Jack Helsey in goal, Stuart Williams right back, Graham Williams left back, who was centre half at the time? I was centre half but I didn’t go, Colin was there, there were a lot of players there Cliffy Jones, Roy Vernon? Ken Leek? It

Mels Memory 1

Going back to John Charles, did he earn good money? I can’t tell you what players earned but he went from Leeds to Juventus and knowing John, he went there for nothing, he didn’t benefit himself, Leeds must have benefited but John wouldn’t have, the only think that john would benefit