Ferrie Bodde

Goalkeeper My big friend Shrek:Dorus Devries, of course. The reason?He was a really good colleague and became a very big part of every attack. Always pulled of good saves and was a very solid goalkeeper so that is why I chose him. He is the best goalkeeper that I have played

Mels Memory 2

How good was the 1958 Wales team? Jack Helsey in goal, Stuart Williams right back, Graham Williams left back, who was centre half at the time? I was centre half but I didn’t go, Colin was there, there were a lot of players there Cliffy Jones, Roy Vernon? Ken Leek? It

Tates Tales 1

The following season was when we started signing to you that ‘we all dream of a team of Alan Tates’ as you spent a lot of it in centre midfield: how did that come about? I think it come about because I don’t think that Kenny really fancied Roberto for whatever

Roger Freestone

Goalkeeper I have to go for myself! I could take penalties as well. Longevity, loyalty, scored a couple of goals, I had a good rapport with the supporters and enjoyed myself down there. Can you confirm or deny reports you used to go for a shit before a game and wipe your

Mels Memory 1

Going back to John Charles, did he earn good money? I can’t tell you what players earned but he went from Leeds to Juventus and knowing John, he went there for nothing, he didn’t benefit himself, Leeds must have benefited but John wouldn’t have, the only think that john would benefit

Tates Tales 08-09

After that promotion, did you feel that we could stay up? Again it seemed insane to me. The aim was never to stay up. The aim externally might have been but internally it was the play-offs. And we nearly did Yeah we nearly did. Think we finished 8th didn’t we? Because I didn’t