The Wish List

We need a busy transfer window. A few first team players in (striker & right back desperately) and then a few squad players The obvious; splash the cash!!! Wilfried Bony Top of pretty much everyone’s wish list, we know he scores, we know he fits the team. A full season of him and

James Thomas

A swans eleven focusing on our Hull heroics. We get the best eleven from Mr James Thomas. Goalkeeper Obviously Cuter came in for the last few games, for the last month something like that. You can’t discount the part Rodge played as well, Rodge was a good friend of mine a roommate.

Michael Howard

This issue we have a Swans eleven from Michael Howard. I said this before but he was the answer to Englands left back issues all those years back, ever dependable. They would have won a major tournament if they had only visited the Vetch from time to time! Goalkeeper Its only Rodge

Ferrie Bodde

Goalkeeper My big friend Shrek:Dorus Devries, of course. The reason?He was a really good colleague and became a very big part of every attack. Always pulled of good saves and was a very solid goalkeeper so that is why I chose him. He is the best goalkeeper that I have played

Roger Freestone

Goalkeeper I have to go for myself! I could take penalties as well. Longevity, loyalty, scored a couple of goals, I had a good rapport with the supporters and enjoyed myself down there. Can you confirm or deny reports you used to go for a shit before a game and wipe your