Dear fans, Unite FFS!!!

It is incredibly strange times to be a Swans fan. It feels similar to the pre-Petty time when we didn’t really know what we wanted, who to trust and what was going on. It is a really anxious time. On the pitch, we are poor, signings have been frustrating and there has been bizarre goings on. The idea that we are reporting a financial loss seems beyond belief, people who we deemed legends are now being labelled crooks by some quarters and it’s all a bit mental! I can’t even take joy that Cardiff city are struggling!!

Ultimately though, riding the highs and lows is what supporting a football club is about and arguable, this may be what this football club needs. Success is lovely, everything is rosy and fantastic and this club has only really known good times for the last decade but it’s through struggles and fights that clubs really create their character and backbone and their unique identity. We did it in 2002 and that really did create what Swansea City Football Club was and maybe we’ve lost that in recent years and this might be the kick up the ass we need to get it back.

We all laughed as Tan turned Cardiff red. We laughed at how they sold their souls and didn’t put up a real fight and instead took the money and enjoyed their Premier League Swans song . Well we have a major fight on our hands to keep our identity and to ensure that the supporters of Swansea City football club maintain a say in the running of our club! And let’s be totally clear that that is far, far more important than anything that happens on the field this season!!

This club was saved by the fans for the fans! We can welcome others, we can welcome other owners but ultimately they need to respect what Swansea City Football club is and we are Swansea City Football Club, our children and grandchildren and their children and their grandchildren will be Swansea City Football club and we have to ensure (as we did in 2002) that remains the case.

Our new owners have been dismissive of this in the way that they have behaved towards our Supporters Trust and we have to back the Supporters Trust and their position on the board. Not doing so could have massive results down the line, just like Cardiff turning red!

We need to act before it is too late and we need to send a clear and strong message to these owners. Not in a confrontational manor, not in a protest but simply by showing our unity.

If you are not already a member then join the supporters trust today! Right now. Right this very second!!

If we can have every Swans fan joining the trust then that would do more than any protest ever could. It would send a clear and unavoidable message and also allow us to really organise ourselves should we need to act in the future.

Your club needs you!!!!!