Dear Yanks, Don’t mess with us FFS!!!!

I’ve been really careful not to pre-judge you and I continue to feel like that; let’s say that the jury is still out!! I am sure that you understand the worry that all Swans fans felt and continue to feel about being owned by people we don’t know. We like to know people in these parts. Maybe we are a bit nosy!

‘Why’ is still the big question. ‘why did you buy Swansea City Football Club?’ if not for financial gain then why buy something that you have no affiliation to?

It continues to be something that puzzles and scares us and it’s not helped by your behaviour to be quite frank. You could have come over here and made instant friends quite easily! Us fans love a bit of money thrown around at players; Joey Allen would have done the trick perfectly; a little present from the new owners and we’d be hook lined and sunk!

Instead, we’ve seen our Captain and leading goals scorer depart and you seem intent on pissing the Supporters Trust off which seems a very bizarre PR exercise and I can’t help but feel like we have got off to a slightly dodgy start.

Now, I am certain that you would have done all the background checks you can about the club before purchasing it. I hope that you aren’t foolish enough to dismiss the strength of its fans because ‘OY MUSH; we’ll do your fucking car!!’

Incidentally, that’s a reference to a chart topping hit which spent 12 weeks at number one over here and is in no way a threat but I would recommend at least trying not to piss the fans off because you kind of need us and you are worrying us. You see we are quite fond of our football club.

I will level with you; I’m still on pins and I’m still trying to work you guys out and what you are after. I don’t get the financial side, I (unlike some) don’t believe that you are here for financial reasons alone. As soon as we lose Premier League football then the business model is screwed. To maintain Premier League football, you need to invest in our playing squad, every club in the league is in the same boat and ultimately the risk of losing Premier League football is so great that clubs will generally spend slightly more than it is actually worth to ensure survival as the ‘hit’ of losing Premier League status is more than the ‘hit’ in paying over the odds to stay up; ultimately, there is no money in it!

And asset wise. We have nothing. A stadium we don’t own. 2 training complexes which nobody else would ever purchase and a very average playing squad on high wages.

This does lead me to believe that your reasons for purchasing the club (whatever they may be) are good reasons and that you can lead a positive chapter in this wonderful football club which is loved by so many.

You did miss a big boat with Joey Allen. That was a well priced bit of PR that. May I suggest another one, a big one but one which would give you incredible support; a 4% share donation to the supporters Trust!


Jack Swan