Does Angel Rangel KNOW that the current players want the #YANKSOUT?

It is hard to call your employee a c*nt. It is generally not advised, try it if you like but not with my recommendation, don’t bring me into it!

Footballers face the same issue, it is very rare that you see players or managers having a ‘pop’ at the owners who pay their lucrative wages. So, it is always difficult to know what anyone employed by a club think of those who own the club.

To gage opinions, we need to look at ex-players closely associated with current players… Someone like Angel Rangel for example!His #yanksout comment should be sending alarm bells to all Swansea City fans! Alan Tate, Leon Britton, Lee Trundle, Nathan Dyer, Wayne Routledge are all currently employed by the club and so obviously cannot simply slag off their employers publicly in the same was as you or I, but Angel can…. and the fact that he has begs the question, is this what EVERYONE within the club really thinks?

Knowing what staff think at their current job is often a case of what they don’t say as against what they say. Alan Curtis said very little with his retirement, VERY little indeed.  It is the likes of Curtis and Rangel who know a lot more about the goings on with the club than you or I.

Fans being pissed off with the lack of investment is one thing but when you get legends in the inner circle saying (or not saying) the same then it is a big deal. On the other hand, as Huw Jenkins departed the club, Ex-players spoke very fondly about him. Now I know that’s not what most fans think but it can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Rangel clearly feels bitter towards the owners for the way that he departed the club and from the sound of it, he right to think so. He will still be in touch with many of the players and ex-players in the club and I can’t imagine him writing the #yanksout comment if it wasn’t a consensus with the likes of Dyer, Britton and co.

It seems highly likely that the staff and players at the club share the #yanksout feeling but simply cannot say so which is far from a great scenario.

Mike Ashley at Newcastle is the greatest example of how a club struggles when everyone within and around it wants the owner to fuck off. Rafa Benitez has worked wonders with the toxic atmosphere surrounding St James park and Potter thus far has done an equally impressive job but this Summer could well see toxic spillage……….