Enter the unknown!

Well kind of the ‘unknown’ but we’ve been here before haven’t we!

Foreigners!!!! Invading our city and meddling with our club and why??? What purpose could they possibly have other than to milk it for all they can get? And worse than that, there are also the mysterious ‘hidden’ foreign backers. Rumours already suggest that one might be OJ Simpson and another could be Justin Bieber or Donald Trump!

Change is not good when you are the greatest run club in the land!!

However, we haven’t been the greatest run club in the land for a good eighteen months now! In fact we have been pretty shoddy, uncharacteristic and have totally lost the identity which we all called the Swansea way.

So actually, change probably is good!

The club seems to have been run differently since the moment the board wanted out and sniffed the money. Like a shop running down its stock, it has been kept ticking over but all talks and dreams of stadium expansion has been put right on the back shelf and it appears that we have done the bare minimum in every transfer window, the squad has deteriorated, Bony never replaced and we were lucky to avoid the drop this term.

The board have taken us from oblivion to the Premier League and they did this with a clear long term strategy. Huw Jenkins and the board would make decisions based on what was best for the clubs future. We wouldn’t make short-term fix signings but calculated player investments and Fairwood and Landore are places which the city and club will benefit from for generations.

I have absolutely no sour grapes with the current board at all. In fact the complete opposite; I am grateful for them initially helping to save the club and then transform it into a club we can all be proud of. I don’t blame them for cashing in; not one bit. I have said before that I’d do the same thing and I think most of us would if we are honest with ourselves (Just think of the yachts!!)

I am pleased that the deal has gone through now. I didn’t think that we could afford another transfer window where we brought in a loan player from QPR and signed a £3 million striker from a mid-table French side. I hope that this means that we can go back into having a five year plan instead of a five minute one and with Huw Jenkins still in the mix then we know that the possibilities are exciting.

We are the famous Swansea City and we will be fine. We all wanted the ‘fans club’ and ‘Swansea Way’ to last forever but things change and we enter a new chapter. One thing is for sure is that our club, league position, fan base and city are in a far better place as the board leave it than when they took it over and let us not forget that.