“Fans Owe Swansea City Football Club no loyalty”

I don’t buy this ‘get behind the club no matter what argument’. ‘We are Swansea City and real supporters support it no matter what!’ quite frankly, it is bollocks and it doesn’t work both ways! Try approaching the club and say that ‘I’ve supported you for 20 years but I’ve lost my job, any chance of a free season ticket?’ and see how much loyalty really lies within football!

The truth is that it is expensive to watch football these days and it would be even more expensive if the clubs could get away with it. The players earn insane amounts of money and the owners of our club (like every other one) are all millionaires; frankly if you want to call any of them a prick then have your fill!

I’ve made no secret about my opinions on how the club has been run over the last 18 months and I believe that Huw Jenkins and the board prioritised their share sale over the rebuilding of the current squad and we’ve lost three transfer windows because of it which is at the heart of our current struggle. I also think that Guidolin and Bradley were as far away from being managers that tie in with the ‘Swansea Way’ as you can possibly get.

That was then, but I do now feel a sense of optimism as the club make Swansea type signings once again, both on and off the pitch. Would Harry Rednapp, John Terry and Frank Lampard of had a better chance of us staying up? Almost certainly but it isn’t just about staying up but about being Swansea City again.

I’m delighted with the appointment of Paul Clement, here you have a manager who has worked with some of the best clubs and players in the world, is a footballing man with a blemish on his CV which sounds an awful lot like a certain Northern Irishman who started this Premiership journey.

Tom Carroll may not be as exciting a signing as what Frank Lampard would have been but he’s a proper Swansea signing in the Leon Britton mould and if he can be half the man that Leon Britton is then he’d be 2 foot tall………………..but still one hell of a player.

There are real positives coming from the Supporters Trust as the American owners finally seem to realise that it would be a good idea to keep the fans on board and the chaos which has surrounded the club all season does seem to have passed.

The real secret of our success has been unity and the clubs ability to look long-term and not waste money on short-term fixes which can disrupt squad harmony and the general feel around a club. That has always been the real Swansea Way. You are completely within your right to boo or protest against the club but in my opinion we are back on track, waving the Swansea way flag again and that’s a cause I’m happy to get behind.  

One other thing, which people forget, has been at the heart to our success and that is the clubs ambition. Whether it be signing Rory Fallon, Scott Sinclair or Wilfried Bony, the club has always backed the manager with ambition when the time was right. I’m not calling for us to waste money for the sake of it but if the right man is there and the deal is good then let’s show that ambition once again and show that club and board are really back to the true Swansea Way.