Ferrie Bodde


My big friend Shrek:Dorus Devries, of course. The reason?He was a really good colleague and became a very big part of every attack. Always pulled of good saves and was a very solid goalkeeper so that is why I chose him. He is the best goalkeeper that I have played with.


Left Back

Marcus Painter: He was unbelievable, When I think back to when I  played with him he was no nonsense. A simple left back, solid at the back and came in with tough tackles that is what I liked about him.


Right back

Angel Rangel, I started with him from day one and he came in from the lower leagues in Spain he is now playing premier league so I think he deserves to be the right back. His attacking skills are really great and his defending skills are also great.


Centre back

Gary Monk, It is of course Gary monk he is also the captain of the team as well, he is the best captain I ever had in my football career. He never made mistakes, I tell people in Holland when I talk about Gary Monk; I talk about his speech before the games. When we stand in the circle and in a match program it says be loud be proud and be positive those sort of things. He was a leader it does not surprise me he(became) manager of the Swans and doing really well.


Centre Back

Ashley Williams, he was a great player to have behind you, he is one of the best defenders in the Premier League. He is a great colleague to have at the back, You feel confident with him behind you.



me pratts and Leon Briton would be my 3 in midfield,

The gaffer always made jokes that we were a midfield three, if I am not in the squad I have Joe Allen of course. I have to put Leon Britton and Darren Prattley in there because they are similar players to me, Darren Prattley can keep going and going, Leon Britton is a genius, like the brain of the team. Leon Always played a good game that is his quality never has a bad game.


Joe Allen I see myself in Joe Allen, as a similar player I was, I hope he will play a little more. I hope he comes back to Swansea soon to get the best out of his career, I think he is a Swansea Player.


Left winger is Thomas Butler, when I was playing his first touch was amazing. He was right footed playing on the left wing, for me he was an amazing player. I am still in contact with him he’s a good guy. His shooting skills were amazing and I liked his style of play, he also unfortunately had to retire early because of injury.


On the right wing it’s a difficult one. I was thinking about a few players, I am thinking about either Jordi Gomez or Nathan Dyer. I played more games with Jordi Gomez than I did Nathan Dyer, but Dyer is a legend in my eyes. I think the best moments I had and the best connection with Jordi Gomez so I will put him on the right wing because he understands the game well and he was also part of the midfield three at the time, so he would go on the left wing or right and we played well together.


The striker of course has to be Jason Scotland, it was nice to play with him always, if you did not see him for 89 minutes he would score two goals in the 90th minute for example. so he is my striker.


The coach has to be Roberto Martinez I had a really good connection with him, he was like a father, like a friend like a brother he had everything that you wanted in a coach to have. He was always standing in the middle of the team, he was always in for a joke and he was the best manager I played under. I learned a lot from him.






Nissan titan

Peugeot 3008

Renault traffic


Mitsibushi mirage