Goodbye to an absolutely useless lazy effing bathplug!!!

As he finally leaves for at least one season; we ask if Gomis is the least popular player the Swans have had over our Premier League years?

I wasn’t fussed on Jonjo when he left! Dweight Tiendalli was far from loved, I felt that Itay Shekter was great comedy value but I think Gomis is the top of the unpopularity tree!!

The frustrating thing is that somewhere within him is a good footballer, he’s powerful, quick enough and at times knows where the back of the net is but most of the time he’s just shit!! Offside and shit!!

I like to see a player gamble on the offside trap, make a run and if it comes off then your one-on-one with keeper and I totally accept that now and then you will get caught offside but not from a f*cking goal kick!!!!

Earn stupid amounts of money and you cannot even get yourself onside for a goalkick!! And you’ve only been on the field five minutes!!!!

For me, he is the player that I have disliked the most while wearing the Swans shirt. Good riddance, good bye, please don’t come back!!!!

(fiver says he singlehandedly wins Marseille the league)

If you missed it; he’s gone on loan for a season and he’s said this:-

“I had a lot of offers, but I made the decision to come back to France. I quickly opted for Marseille after speaking with the manager. I made a financial effort so that the loan was doable for Marseille’s finances at a time where nothing is simple for a club going through a transition period.”

Supposedly he’s taken a pay cut…….