Guide for away fans

Assuming that you are coming from an Easterly position then JK’s is the ideal place for a pre-match pint or two or three (you will almost certainly love Welsh prices). 2 minutes from M4, huge car park which is accessible for a coach, Tesco opposite to restock essentials and if you phone ahead they have been known to cook up some free grub (that is food).

its a fucking nightmare. If you find somewhere then let me know! I might be exaggerating slightly but our ‘new’ stadium is build miles from the train station (although there is an old station right outside) and doesn’t have hardly any parking, you’d swear we were in league 2 and having crowds of 4,000 when they started building it….

Next pint
Harvester right by the stadium seems to be the ‘go to’ place for away fans. It is a shame because it be good to sample a proper Swansea pub, I’m guessing this is police suggestions so enjoy your sterile environment which is just like any other part of any other country.

The Ground
It’s alright, food is shit, beer is shit, view is good, atmosphere can be decent at times, modern Premier League football ground isn’t it….

Be Original
Come up with something better than ‘sheep shaggers’ because at the end of the day what you are saying is that we shag them and then you eat them! Be inventive.

Next pint
you’d now be looking to celebrate your comfortable away win and enjoy all of Swansea’s delights because let’s face it; assuming you stay up, you won’t be seeing us in the league for a while. Now is your chance to try some of Swansea’s proper pubs. Go down the Hafod and then down High Street; make sure you are dressed classy or you won’t get in!(that is a joke btw)

Night life:
If you are a pervert then I recommend Wind street, you will see lots of flesh there all year round whether you want to look at men or women. Neath is a great place for a scrap but is also as friendly as can be; but if you want it then you’re having it!! Feeling classy then Uplands is where you want to head.