‘He’s nether creative, controlling, aggresive or a leader in any sense’. Was I too harsh on Jack Cork??? or do you agree??

Well I don’t know about you but I fancied a rollercoaster season and we are certainly getting it. Three games ago and safety was all but a formality but a couple of desperate performances have us all back to watching the league with fear.
There are players here who aren’t showing the fight that they ought to and none more so than our on-field captain. For me he sums up what is wrong within our team when we are playing badly and I know that sounds harsh but it’s how I feel.
Does Jack Cork look like a man fighting for his club and his future? Does he look like a man marshalling his troops? Here you have a guy whose career is in the balance and there is nothing coming from him at all!
I said a few months ago that he needed to step up if we are to avoid the drop and he hasn’t, at present he holds no use to the side whatsoever. He’s neither creative, controlling, aggressive or a leader in any sense. At present, I’d be disappointed if he’s in the side instead of Leon against ‘Boro and appalled if he’s still here next campaign.
What does he do? A captain in two important 6-pointer away games and he neither throws in a tackle, gives out a bollocking, mixes it up or changes the tempo in any way. When Leon plays, not only can he control the tempo of a match but he’s able to change the crowd, change the energy in a match with a crucial tackle or interception, Cork hides and goes into his shell.
He’d be a nice player to play alongside himself in a 4-4-2, can do a bit of everything but he isn’t a defensive midfielder, he hasn’t got the pace or energy in a Kante mould, not got the positioning nouse of a Makalele and not got a tackle in him; quite frankly, playing him there is pointless.
In his defence, maybe he doesn’t want to be captain but why is he captain? What captain attributes does he have other than the fact he’s English and plays centre midfield. He goes 90 minutes without shouting at anyone, encouraging anyone or engaging with anyone… He’s a lovely guy but he isn’t a captain and he isn’t the man we want holding our midfield together.
From what I see, he has never been sent off in his football career, ‘model professional’ you may say and he might be first in training and last out and hasn’t upset a single soul in his time here but that’s all airy fairy bollocks! Premier League footballers need to play on the edge, there needs to be a bit of bite and playing a few hundred Premier League games in centre midfield without a sending off means that you aren’t playing on the edge at all; your nowhere near the edge because if you were then you’d fall off now and then!!!
I’m singling out Cork because he’s got the armband and is in that fighting position on the field and if he isn’t up to either of those tasks then we need to get someone else in there or we are going down! Two shocking performances to finish off the month and not an ounce of aggression in either game. As we used to sing regularly at the Vetch field ‘GET INTO THEM AND FUCK THEM UP!!!!!!!’ Lets have a bit of fight in the team!!!!