Huw Jenkins BEST 11 transfer deals

We have become Premier League football fans now, it has taken us a few years but we are now there! We are now demanding that our chairman goes off and spends some money; loads of money ideally!! Splash the cash Mr. Jenkins. Principles? Who needs them? We need a striker! It is hard not to join in with the cries right now but let’s not forget how we have got where we are and the way that we have got there! This is Huw Jenkins eleven, the signings which have been our most fruitful and have led us to success.

We can’t really argue with our chairman’s record and we can’t stray from this ethos of buying the right players at the right time. It is easy to make an impulse and rash buy, in this situation then it may be worth spending slightly over the odds for a player who will ensure our survival but we are in good hands, this track record speaks for itself and it is the reason why we are in the Premier league in the first place; In Huw We Trust!!




Bought for £1,500,000
Sold for £3,500,000

He was the best keeper in the Premier League for half a season and that was long enough to ensure our survival that term. A real find for just £1.5 million, he seemed to deteriorate somewhat and wasn’t coming up with those magic saves which he once was and we managed to offload him for a good profit. Had the best three seasons of his career and then sold him on; great business.

Replaced with Lucas Fabianski (Free)

Ben Davies

Bought for; 0
Sold for £8,000,000

He came (but was here all a long) and then he left. From the boards point of view, this man must be sent from heaven (schooled in Seven Sisters don’t forget!!). Neil Taylor had a big injury and so this man was thrown in the deep end and did really well, when Neil Taylor was back to full fitness we swapped Ben Davies for Siggy. Perfect!

Replaced with Neil Taylor (already there!)

Sam Ricketts

Bought for 0
Sold for £300,000

A great bit of business at the time where Kenny Jacket picked up this full back on a free transfer after Telford got into financial trouble. He gave us two quality seasons and made team of the year in our promotion from league two before being moved on to Hull for what was then a load of money!!

Replaced with Angel Rangel (following season £70,000)

Jazz Richards

Bought for 0
Sold for £425,000

The forgotten man. Jazz became a good squad player in the Premier League, was called upon on a number of times and would always give it all. Another one from our youth set up which is starting to look half decent and another one sold on for a profit. He had a couple of loan spells and then settled in Fulham.

Replaced with a youngster we haven’t yet seen!

Owain Tudor jones:

Bought for £5,000
Sold for £263,000

Tudor really divided opinion. At times he was outstanding but then had moments where he was borderline awful. Injury plagued at times, we were probably quite grateful to get a quarter of a million pound for the player when he set off to Norwich. Career hasn’t really taken off since and is currently playing his trade in Scotland. Good signing, good sale!

Replaced with Jordi Lopez (remember him?)


Joe Allen

Bought for 0
Sold for £15,000,000

I still miss this guy terribly. We want him with us on this relegation scrap don’t we, heart on sleeve!! Love the man but fifteen million quid?? Hahaha. Huw laughed all the way to the bank that day and it dried up the tears from all Swans fans too. Great player, greatest product from this area for thirty years but a fantastic sale!

Replaced with KI for £5,500,000

Emyr Hughes

Bought for 0
Sold for £400,000 PLUS

I must confess that I have never seen this guy play but in fairness neither have many people but we keep getting money because of him. A youth player poached by Man City when still in school, the club received £150,000 when he made his first team debut and a further £250,000 when Citeh sold him into Wigan for £2,500,000. Not bad for a guy who has never kicked a ball for the Swans.

Replaced with some other kid


Bought for £1,000,000
Sold for £8,000,000

Now you are talking!! Probably the very best bit of business that we have seen at this club. Signed for half a million plus performance bonuses, his goals were the main factor in our promotion to the promised land. The half a million investment may have doubled but he had brought us the never ending riches of the Premier League and THEN we managed to cash in on him a year later and get moneybags FC to pay totally over the odds for a player who looked slightly out of his depth. Playing the market at its absolute finest!!

Replaced with: Pablo Hernandez for 5,250,000

Jason Scotland

Signed for £25,000
Sold for £2,000,000

Another bit of beautiful business saw us sign a player for £25,000 who managed to net 45 goals in 90 games for us helping us get to and cement ourselves in the Championship. The beauty of a good transfer is knowing the right time to sell and although we may not have had much of a s ay in the matter; it turned out to be perfect. He couldn’t cut it at a higher level and his career has stalled ever since; the two million quid looks a great sale now!!britton shelvey wilf


Signed for £12,000,000
Sold for £28,000,000

The exact same principle but with ridiculously big numbers! The transfer fee even scared some of us fans. What was Huw thinking? He is one of the best players to ever wear the shirt and could go on to prove himself as one of the best strikers in Europe. Having said that, £28,000,000? It is a no brainers isn’t it. Sign a player, get a brilliant season and a half out of him, single handily keeping us up in that time and then move him on for more than twice what you plaid; brilliant

Replaced with; you tell me!! Eder??? Hopefully there will be a different answer very soon!!

Signed for 0
sold for £1,000,000

Like everybody, I loved Lee Trundle. In fact, ‘I love Lee Trundle!’ I still do. But one million quid? I’d have carried him to Bristol myself, even when he was carrying a bit of extra weight!! This is one of the best transfers that the club has ever done. A fantastic signing, there is no secret that Flynn was almost single handily behind it but you would do well to find a better transfer in our history. He brought style and skill to the side and shedful of goals, he added to the attendances and brought a new following of young fans and then we sold him for over twice what he was worth! Perfect transfer!

Total out; £14,530,000
Total In: £50,888,000