Huw Jenkins held HOSTAGE for 12 months        

The REAL Huw Jenkins has finally shown his face after being held hostage by Mr Mon E-Bags for over a year. The police managed to release the Swansea chairman after the clues kept piling up. Sergent Bash told Jack swan magazine ‘It just didn’t make sense, a man of that much experience sacking Monk with nobody lined up and then releasing a statement saying that he wont be replacing him and then eventually replacing him with a sick man. Then giving him a 2 year contract before sacking him after 7 games and replacing him with Brad Bobbley on a 3 year deal the very same day? I was telling the governor that something wasn’t right and he let me look into it’.

Courageous Sgt Bash followed the only man in Swansea to ever have an OBE to his house where he was seen drowning in money. ‘it was everywhere, you couldn’t escape from it and it was clear that Huw had been abducted by it and all the decisions that he’d made over this farcical time wasn’t really Huw’s but was Mr Mon E-Bags’

Shortly after being saved, Jenkins relieved Brad Bobbley of his services and replaced him with the kind of manager that you expect to see at Swansea City Football club; A fairly young and inexperienced ‘manager’ with a ‘blemish on his CV but with a footballing philosophy at his heart and a contact book which must make Laudrups look out of date.

‘you can see that the real man is back’ said Mr Bash ‘Mr Mon E-Bags has done this to many in the past and will do so again in the future, I see it all the time in this job. I just hope that the fans can put the past behind them and move on. I’m confident that Huw Jenkins can be the man he was once again’.