Juve Gotta be joking!! Is Llorente & Van Der Hoorn the replacement for Ayew & Ash?

As our Ghanaian looks set to depart South Wales, the excitement of signing the Spanish international was short lived. We are still unsure about the future of our captain and I hate to be the bearer of doom and gloom but I’m far from happy right now!

The summer has been a total mess from word go! It is a transitional summer, I get that! But so was two summers ago if you remember? You know the one where Monk got rid of the Spanish inquisition and then last summer was the one where we were going to splash the cash from the Bony sale…………..

The season starts in seven days and it still seems perfectly plausible that we will lose our captain and leading goal scorer from last season in that time frame with nobody coming in. We have lost any excitement about the club! We have lost that ambition to kick on and frankly, we aren’t a club that players want to join anymore!

The clubs around us look like they want to improve year on year and we enter our sixth Premier League campaign hoping (preying) that there are three worse teams than us. Are we better than last season? Certainly not if Ash and Ayew leave and we are certainly not as good as the seasons before that!

It is possible that the magician that is Mr Jenkins can pull a rabbit out of the hat and it is always possible that we can somehow over perform, get lucky and have a half decent season but we cannot continue to run the club like we are!

Two seasons ago, I felt like we were a par with West Ham, Southampton and Stoke. We were all in that 8-12th bracket and all wanted to move on from that. I was happy to accept that we couldn’t prevent the likes of Bony going to Man City or even Vorm & Davies going to Spurs but in the last two seasons we have showed so little ambition that the we can hardly blame Ash and Ayew wanting to go to Everton & West Ham; that wouldn’t have happened 2 seasons back!

What is the plan? Who are we? What is our ambition? Because this summer has been utter shite however you dress it up!