Llorente showed the perfect attitude for Swans!!!

Here are 5 positives and 5 negatives from the Burnley game!


Llorente and his attitude
It is always difficult to know what you are getting when you are buying a player in the later years of their career and has achieved so much in the game. A final pay-day comes to mind but the Spaniard worked his socks off from word go. He was a huge help defending corners and his desire to help dragged him in to real defensive duties in final ten minutes; an exceptional debut! Great attidude!!!

Clean Sheet
Probably the most important thing from the game was leaving the pitch with our goal intact. We can’t get carried away, it was a fairly poor Burnley side but Fernandez organised well and the actual unit looked reasonable, especially at set-pieces.

Guidolin: Wingers switching
It isn’t rocket science but it is great to see a manager happy to swap the wingers around when things need changing up. Barrow and Routledge swapped flanks after the first twenty minutes and there was nearly an instant volley for Wayne from a Barrow cross!

Barrow / Montero
Lively! Barrow was outstanding in the first half and little Jeff was clearly key for the goal. The two of them are as exciting as can be and with Llorente in the middle; fun times ahead!!

Patient Italian
Any Italian will tell you that the game lasts 90 minutes and we played for 90 minutes! We paced ourselves well and it was good to see numbers in the box when we grabbed the late goal.

5 Negatives

Guidolin Substitutions
Every one of them! Why did Leon depart? Scared of height issue there? Barrow looked better that Routs and I still can’t see the full back replacement to finish a game. All ended fine but not convinced!!

Fer isn’t an attacking midfielder
I know he bagged the winner but he was awful for most the game. He looked completely lost, was neither getting forward or getting back and just laboured around the centre circle.

I’m a big fan but he was non-existent, especially in the second half where he deserved a fair play award for how much he shared the ball with the opposition.

Hoof it!!!!!
Gone was the cultured defending at the back. Strange to see two continental centre halfs taking to no nonsense defending. Was a bit jittery at times!

Cork crossing from anywhere
LLorente was class but you still need to deliver a decent ball. Get down the by-line and deliver from a good cross from a decent angle. Don’t float one in from a shitty position and hope for the best!