Mark Zuckerberg Sensational Take Over at Swansea City Football Club

Trevor Birch hasn’t messed around in finding a billionaire to solve Swansea Citys financial mess and find a new buyer. Before the new chairman has even started his new job, he has announced that Facebook CEO has bought all of the 68% shares owned by Kaplin, Levien and the other 25 who couldn’t even find Wales on a map.

On the take over, Zuckerberg said “I have three Swansea City tattoos, not many people know this about me. On my  shoulder, another on my ankle and one on my humongous C$%k.”

Asked about whether he wished to keep Dan James he said “I intend to keep him but expect he will be twentieth choice by the start of the summer as I want to sign every player in the world”

“I also want to bring Rob Earnshaw out of retirement, sign him and then tell him to his face that he’s an absolute $%^&!!!!!!”

More to come on this story…….