Mel’s Memories

I’d finished playing football, we’d won promotion and I found that my commitment to property and football was too much and I was only getting £20 a week before reductions, by the time I’m coming home then its £14.

Was there any back hander’s in those days?


You were never offered anything slightly dodgy?

Well Swansea didn’t have enough money to run the club. I never got offered anything anywhere, there might have been some illegal things happening but I was never involved with anything. Whether other players did or not, I can’t speak for them but I can say that I never did. I couldn’t, I got to be honest, although there are no money involved or anything like that. I can remember us playing against Derby and I used to go up for all corners, I’d score a few with my head and I remember that we were playing Derby County down the Vetch and they were down the bottom of the league and they had a player named Glyn Davies playing for them and he was club skipper for them, I was captain of the Swans and he was captain for Derby and I can remember going up for a corner and I remember Glyn saying to me ‘Mel go back will you’. I dare not go back I said otherwise they would be asking me why I didn’t go up, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to put pressure on them, there was no money involved, I don’t want to be nasty. We go on the field to win but in their circumstances, well if I don’t go up then I can’t score can I but if I go up then I’m going to try and score.

Anyone can be nasty to anybody but I said that if I don’t go up then they will ask why I didn’t and I remember climbing and heading the ball and I’ve headed it straight although I could have hit the target a bit more but because my frame of mind at the time, I’d let the ball hit me instead of really heading the ball. I can remember me doing that and I think should I have done that? Would they have done the same thing for me? I can’t be held responsible for clubs going down but I knew Glyn, he went to the same school as me, lived in Cwmbwrla like me and so it was a bit sensitive I think.

How did you do in that game?

We drew.

Did they stay up?

I don’t know, I didn’t want to know! I think they did; only two went down in those days