Mels Memory 3

I don’t like to push myself. What I did was for me personally, I know that it was helping the club but I felt comfortable in doing it. As far as I’m concerned, as long as the club survives then I’m happy. What is football about today? it is all about money! You got to be honest. I think that the feelingtowards the football has changed towards more money orientated and the club needs to extend the capacity up to another 10,000 people. Because there are a lot of people who wantto go but they can’t get in but if they can do that and extend it somehow and get someone to sponsor it then I am all in favour for that because it is all about generatingmoney. Theygenerating more money and they are requiring more money.

I know that they are getting more money next season but it is all about money. If we can increase the capacity and get somebody to sponsor that increase then brilliant, I am all in favour of that. But other than that we have to stay up this year! I think we have saved ourselves, that win at arsenal mad e hell of a difference. Away from home, nobody expected us to get anything up there and the three points was crucial. It was unbelievable. I know that we have been in the past and got results and everything but this year we needed it more than ever. It was important because we are now on 33 points. I think that we are now safe at the moment because the teams below us are letting us get away with it.

I was up the North East for nearly four years and Isuspected that Sunderland and Newcastle would pull out of that because of the size and the scale of the club. They are mega clubs, huge following and everything. When I was up in the North East there were five clubs up there, Sunderland, Newcastle and then Middlesboro and I was playing for Boro but we were in a differentlevel to them because of the crowd capacity we used to get a full house, thirty odd thousand but they would have sixty thousand p[-people and then there were Darlington and Hartlepool and that is how the scale was. They weresurvivingoff the backs of the three mega clubs, the north east has dies of death a bit because all the steel works have gone. Terrible now.

Do you think these clubs are examples of how not to run a football club? When you look at our board and how we do things, we kept to principles and not overspent.

I think they (Swansea board) have done brilliant. I really do. I’m not flattering them, I don’t want to flatter them at all, I’m just telling the truth. For us to achieve in the space of six years, what we have done is unbelievable and hopefully, fingers crossed we will stay up and be there again and so who knows what is around the corner for us. If we extended the stand then a lot more would get in but I think that they have done well,done really well.

I’m no longer a part of that board or anything but that was my doing. How these players want to go into management I don’t know because you depend on other people, as a player, if I’m not performing then I get dropped, that’s it, end of subject, can’t blame anyone. The moment you go as manager,take McClaran now at Newcastle, his hair is going thinner all the time and I look at him and think Jesus he can’t be sleeping at night and it’s not because of him, it’s because of the players on the field.

When I look at teams playing now. Do you hear players talking on the field? It is like amorgue. You don’t hear people talking on the field now. The only voices I hear is from the stands where they encourage players to play but you don’t hear the players talking to each other.I used to come off the pitch and I had lost my voice, I couldn’t speak. I come off the field and I wouldn’t talk to anyone, today I am sitting in the game and nobody talks to each other‘behind you’ ‘take him on’ helping each other on the field.They must be helping each other but they aren’t talking to each other. So it’s a different world. Let’s be honest about it , the crowd pay their money to watch the game and they are entitled to criticise, as a supporter, if I was paying to watch the swans then nobody would tell me to shut up, I am entitled to shout and have a go at people, if I spoke to people off the pitchthen it is a different ball game but on the pitch its fine.

Do you think it is fair the criticism that Van Gal has had this season?

Anybody who goes into management at man utd is going to be wide open to criticism because they have done so much over the years and the expectation is so high there. Moyes went where and he went to Everton and was a nice run club, when he went from there to Manchester then it was a different ball game. Fergie was lucky because he was due to get sacked. That one game saved him, Robins I think it was, scored a goal and they went on that cup run and they kept him on. He had to go through that nasty road to know what the other side of the coin is like because he didn’t know it was like that. Having a go at him and all that because as a player then everyone speaks to you but behind their back then they say other things but Fergie turned it around and he did fantastic but Van Gal, he is a foreigner and to be honest with you, he can’t speak English as we do, you can tell that he is a foreigner and he is short of words sometimes and because of that he don’t come over tidy does he.