Mels Memory 4

As a Swansea boy born and bred, what do you think of Alan Curtis and the way that he behaved this season??

Curty has done well fair play to him. He’s a nice person and my advice to him is to be careful what you are doing now. I think he knows what he is doing anyway, he knows what he is doing but if the club is in trouble then he is doing anything possible that he can to help them and then when the directors and the board and everybody decides what they are going to do then he will revert back to what he was dong before and that is my advice to him because he is 62 or 63 now, somewhere around there. I may be offending him there, he may be 52 all I know. He’s around that age and he doesn’t want the responsibility because it’s a big one now. Curty is a legend up there at the moment; stay that way! Garry Monk was a legend until he became manager, you can’t fault him for that, he was thinking that he was progressing but it is a step in the wrong direction because there is so much pressure on managers in the prem division, there are so much more involved that boards and directors cant afford to have failure never mind what club it is, Mourinho went from Chelsea. They are all moving around, they will all be going. Take Leicester at the moment, everybody is saying how great they are but a few bad results and there is pressure on the manager.

Let me tell you a story about Curtis though. I was a director and I remember that Alan Curtis and Jeremy Charles were involved in running the colts, the youth team and the younger element of the club and John Hollins was manager and we were in the boardroom and we had decided that we were going to release John but quite a bit prior to that John had approached me and asked if I would mind if he took Curtis from the youth team and brought him up as assistant manager. I said that it was up to him, if he wanted to do it then me and the board would support his decision. He said that is what he wanted to do and so I went and saw Curtis, I said ‘John has approached us and asked would you like to become assistant to him as manager’ and he said that he would like that and I said ‘let me say this to you, at the moment you are in a position where you will be at the club for life, now I want you to realise that if you go assistant to John and something happens along the way, everything is rosy at the moment but if something happens and they do happen, then if john goes, if the board decides to let him go then it means that you are likely to go as well’. Well he listened and said thanks for everything but he wanted to give it a go, he had ambitions himself and wanted to try it.

Well I remember then, the directors had made the decision to release John, I went to get him and the directors were all around the table and he was upset as you can imagine, he took it out on us really. But then, I had to go and get Alan and so I went and got him to the board room and Alan came in and said ‘ I know what has happened to John, I know what to expect’ and he shook the hand of everybody and thanked us for the chance, There was a clear difference. With john, he got a bit nasty, while Alan, he just accepted it and went.

Now that situation has happened again and I don’t think that he’d make that same mistake, I expect that he’s learned s lesson there.

Do you think he would have liked the managerial job full time at any stage?

At that time then I would imagine so yeah, he would have jumped at the chance, he jumped at the chance of being assistant.