Mind Puzzle 4

  • Last week, I travelled from Birmingham to Glasgow (via bicycle).

    On the first day I travelled one quarter of the distance.

    On day two, I travelled one half of the remaining distance.

    On day three, I travelled three quarters of the remaining distance.

    Yesterday I travelled one third of the remaining distance.

    I now have 21 miles left to travel.

    How far is it from Birmingham to Glasgow in total?

  • You are given a 10x10x10 cube composed of one thousand 1x1x1 mini-cubes glued together.

    If you removed the outermost layer, how many mini-cubes would you have removed?

  • During the recent BrainBashers cipher convention, a Morse code contest took place. The contest consisted of a Morse code transmission where the spaces between the letters and words were missing. Can you find the ten names for pet cats?


Luckily, BrainBashers has provided you with a listing of the Morse code characters. Good luck!


  • Using only one straight line, can you turn this into nine fifty?