I spoke with 7 Day Sport Newspaper this week, the paper is out now in shops but this is the bit about Jack Swan Magazine.

Fans seem to have lost patience with the club owners according to a new poll by Jack Swan magazine who says that NOW is the time to protest against the club.

A spokesman for the magazine has been pretty damming of the club owners ‘stupidity’ and states that the fans have been left in the dark over the real reason behind the new chairman being brought in.

“There is no doubt that the performances on the field have disguised the shambles going on off it. What I’m desperately concerned about is that the moment those performances really drop, when the team start hitting the kind of problems on the pitch which we are seeing off it then that is when the fans will start to protest and that is the very time when the team will need fans to support them”.

“The reality is that now is the best time to really show the owners that fans aren’t happy with the way that the club is being run. We ran a poll this week and 91% of fans have lost faith with the owners. If Dan James goes on June 10th, Byers June 11th, Grimes June 12th then what can fans do then?  We look destined to have a toxic summer to look forward to. Graham Potter has done an incredible job with the hand that he has been given and next season there could be reason to be optimistic but we cannot have a summer where we sell anything worth anything and June is too late to show opposition.

“This is a critical time in the clubs history, with the youngsters here and bonded there is the makings of a team that could do wonderful things for the club but you feel that it is all going to be thrown away for short-term gain and by people who have no genuine interest in the future of the club”.

The Swansea City magazine is being produced this week and has a front cover on it stating ‘protest against the owners now if you are going to’.  “It has been important over the last few years that the fans back the team but we aren’t pushing for promotion, aren’t fighting relegation and so all supporters efforts can now concentrate on off-field problems. I’m not calling for protests directly but what I am saying is that now is the time if they are going to happen, there is no point in waiting until we are in the relegation zone next season because that would be the wrong time, the players will need support then.”

Asked about what any protests could be about: “firstly that there hasn’t been anywhere near enough communication from the club about what is genuinely going on. Fans have been left in the dark and nobody knows really what is going to happen, is the club for sale? Are we seeking further investment? Who owns what in the club? It is being treated like a side-project to every one of the shareholders. That cannot be healthy and we need to demand clarity, we need to make it clear that we are united, that we believe in this club and that if they aren’t willing to show that belief then they need to go. I feel that we genuinely need to remind the owners that they own the football club because you get the feeling that weeks goes past without them even thinking about Swansea city Football club”.

“There is no doubt that they regret ever buying the club, they are in a situation where they are only going to be able to cut their losses unless we get back to the premier league but they aren’t willing to invest anything to get us back into the league. I have sympathy with them to an extent, I think that they have been naïve, probably stupid to be frank because they seem to have thought that they can come here, increase the commercial side of things, expand the stadium and make a load of money without realising the importance of what actually made the club the huge bulk of its money which was the Premier League.”

“Their naivety continues when they still talk about the financial mess left behind from Huw Jenkins, it is a bit like a government being in charge for ten years and blaming the previous one. Surely they would have had a good look at the books and realised that the club was in a financial state before buying it? In which case they must have known what would happen if the club got relegated and what actions would be required if they did. There appears to be no plan at all and if there is then we aren’t being told about it.”

“If the club is for sale then there should be a statement telling us so and not some deal behind closed doors with a new chairman who seems like he is clearly here for a reason untold to the fans”.

What would a protest look like?

“Again, I’m not organising it and I’m not asking for one, my very point is that now is the perfect time for one. I really don’t want to see us staging protests four or five games into next season after the players have gone, when Potter has left over the Summer because of the transfers and we are left in the relegation zone with Steve McClaren as manager. As for protests, I always feel that the walkouts are the best and ones, like the one we saw out in Valencia. Again, now is perfect for them because they aren’t edge of the seat matches, it is hard to get fans to walk out when they are. The owners own 68% of the shares, a walkout on 68 minutes from remaining home games would send a clear message and get more publicity than anything pre-match in my opinion”. “