Paul Clements latest comment will leave some Swans fans fuming

With a large section of Swans fans looking for a more expansive, sexy style of play from the Jacks………….. It looks like the gaffa may be thinking the exact opposite!

After another home loss without scoring a goal and without any creativity you would hope that the manager would be looking to inject some flair, pace and creativity in the team but his comment of the team needing to learn to win ‘ugly’ has left fans bemused.

Aren’t we currently ugly enough? What is pretty about the Swans at the moment? How can we possibly be any uglier on the field right now?

To many, it is a seriously concerning response to a match where the Swans were blatantly nothing but immensely ugly!

But do you agree with him? Is the reason for the Swans demise because we are too pretty? Too free flowing? Are we too sexy right now? Too care-free with our Latino style of play?