There is an honour in being a super fan. We are measured as supporters by the hours we devote to our beloved side, the away trip; Rotherham away on a Tuesday night!

And now there is a new super fan; the boycotting one, those who have given up the season ticket in protest against the regime #yanksout.Its all a bit mental when you sit back and think about it isn’t it.

Is there anything wrong with going to a game if you fancy it and not going if you don’t?

if the football is good and the day out is fun then surely it makes sense to go but when its dire, expensive and a waste of time then why would you?

We aren’t normal are we? We wouldn’t eat cornflakes every morning if we didn’t enjoy it but we’d be within our right to have a bowl now and then if it happened to be in the cupboard and we woke up fancying a bowl.

As a Swans supporter then there is an expectation; you support the team…. Or you don’t and you can protest against the team….. or you are a floating plastic.

But then I think the floating plastic may actually be the normal folk, there aren’t many normal football supporters but they do exist and they have a better attitude towards football don’t they?

Attendances this season have dropped as expected, 15k first couple of home games but then a sharp rise for the Birmingham match as we looked like we might be half decent (and they have more away fans). Nottingham Forest coming up and I’d hedge a bet on an 18,000 plus packing the Liberty in full voice. PLASTICS!!!!!!!

Probably my favourite film line is in the Usual Suspects ‘the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn’t exist’. I think the greatest trick that football has played is convincing its customers that they aren’t customers.

It has changed! we aren’t supporters, a part of the side, the club, we have no real importance and aren’t cherished in any way. We are a mere factor in a business, a statistic and yet we still have this expectation of ourselves and each other.

We can look at other sections of supporters and see them as mental. It seems almost accepted that the far East and how they obsess over the Premier League is crazy and that the English clubs use and abuse these fans as cash-cows…….. but not us, we are real fans.

The club have been really generous this season in reducing the price for kids…. No they haven’t, they had a load of space and so needed bums on seats, there was no initiatives while there wasn’t a need for them. 

If you want to go and watch the football then go and watch the football. If you don’t then have a great Saturday afternoon doing whatever you decide is a better way to spend your time and if the Swans make the play-off final and you can get your hands on a ticket then don’t feel an ounce of guilt; enjoy the day