Who Won Jack Swan Player of the Year

1st place: Siggy

He’s our best player there is no mistaking that fact. He’s been sat at the top of this race to the most prestigious of all awards for a few months now and I’m running out of new words to say about him but I will try. A few months back, when Jonjo left, I talked about how there are players with natural talent and some who work their ass off to scrape a career out of football and then the exceptional players are those who have raw talent but also go the extra mile. Siggy without doubt falls into this later bracket. He has enough ability to be able to stroll around the pitch and come alive when a free kick is there to be hit but he doesn’t, he puts in more of a shift than any other player on the pitch and I fully expect that he is the same in training. He is an example to all players of all ages, he is a player that you want your children to look up to and he has fully deserved to be named as Jack Swan player of the year 2016. Good luck in the Euros!!

2nd place: Ash

An up and down season for our captain and winner of last years award but a campaign that would have once again enhanced his reputation. He was the best centre half in the league in the early part of the season and played as important a role in getting Wales to France as Gareth Bale did. There was a time where you just felt that he’d keep a clean sheet whoever he was playing for. He did have a shady patch and he’s probably not yet back to that superman form but he finished the campaign with some good performances and Coelman and 3 million other Welsh men and women will be hopeful of some heroics next month. I say this every year; don’t even consider any bids Mr Jenkins, vital we keep hold of him!!

3rd Place: Leon

Swansea have on average 43% possession when Leon isn’t playing and have the ball 98% of the time when he does! I may have slightly made those figures up but I’d love to know what the actual facts are. If I struggled to say things about Siggy that I haven’t said before then I’m doomed with this man. I think he has a huge role to play at the club for many years, he possesses a real calming influence on the whole team and he is incredibly quick to get the ball back. He’d fit right into a Pep Guardiola side, the Spaniard would love his passing but would really relish the way that Leon aggressively wants to get the possession back as quickly as possible. He’s not one to share, he will share the ball with his friends of course; he’s brilliant at that but if you aren’t wearing the same shirt as him then you’re not allowed to play with HIS ball. Magic Player!