Rangel: Swansea City’s Garry Neville

Leon is the greatest and I genuinely don’t think we would have achieved half of what we did if not for him but Angel Rangel played another very important role in the Swansea Way!

Modern day, top flight full-backs are expected to overlap their winger and offer an attacking threat. In reality, you’d say Angel was more Gary Neville than Kyle Walker. He isn’t blessed with electric pace and would rarely make huge impacts on a football match but you always knew what you would get with him.

Rarely would he get a nine out of ten but almost never below a seven but he (like Leon) always made himself available for the ball which made the jobs much easier for the likes of Leon and the others in that midfield.

The Championship and the Premier League are ferociously fast leagues. In the engine room of that midfield it is rare that you get the chance to have time to spread your eyes around the pitch to see what’s on. A quick glance is as good as you’ll get but you can have a split second longer if you know that if all else fails then the right back is there, available and immensely competent at recycling the ball.

Nathan Dyer was always a much better player when the Spaniard played behind him and it is rare that you will see a right back have such an impact on the whole teams performance. Noticed when not there, he has been missed in recent years and his departure will be undoubtedly missed. I’m glad that he’s not hanging up his boots and will have an extra chapter in his career and hope we get to welcome him back one day in some capacity.

A good bloke, a good role model, a hard worker and trainer and somebody we can be proud to call a Jack Bastard.
Gracias Ange