Renato Sanches Signs!! and puts Swansea back on the map!!!!

It has been a tough few years for Swans fans. It is funny because in many ways, it is only the Swansea city fans that have realised that it has been a tough few years. From the outside, we have maintained our Premier League status and surely this is all fans could possibly want.

But behind the scenes it has been messy; very, very messy at times. On the pitch we have been pretty dull, poor and survival over the last 2 campaigns has been fortunate to say the least but worse than this has been the total complacency from the club and total lack of ambition.

The clubs success had been down to our chairman and board being able to look long term, with planned out signings and we’d become the place for young players to make a name for their selves before entering footballs elite but during the sale of the club there was a sense of the club simply trotting along until the next chapter came, ‘getting by’, ‘surviving’.

We are now 12 months on from the club being sold and this transfer window was always going to tell us a lot about what the next chapter of Swansea City will be and it seems like we are back to the Swans of old.

Players sold at the right price, players brought in at the right price but we’ve got one thing back; ‘AMBITION’ and as everyone in Swansea knows; Ambition is fucking critical!!!!

The Renato Sanches signing is FAR more than us signing a player whose creativity is desperately needing in an otherwise pretty dull squad. It is also far more than a statement from a manager with links to some of the greatest clubs in Europe. It is saying to the every footballer in the world that Swansea city is a place where you can be nurtured and make your name!

We have no dissolution that the current ‘Golden Boy’ in the entire world will stay any longer than 12 months with us but we have the facilities to keep the greatest under 21 in World football happy!! Get that into your head!

A little over a decade ago, Alan Tate joined the club from man Utd on loan and spent his first morning training on the Vetch field before having an all day breakfast with the players in Tesco opposite. 7 years ago we entered the Premier League and players would shower with the public in the Glamorgan Health and Racquet gym after training sessions.

This deal is immense!! It says to every footballer in the World that our facilities are currently acceptable for a £30 million asset to nurture their talent! It says that our coaching staff are of the ability to help improve the ‘next Ronaldo’.

The deal is cheeky, the 12 months of entertainment he will bring is exciting but the future is immensely exciting. It is easily the best deal of the transfer window by any club, the Swans will have far more televised matches all across Europe because of it, it creates a beautiful link with the biggest club in Germany and it will help to calm fans fears of a ‘stale club’.

Time to get behind the team! Time to get behind the club! Time to take your hat off to Huw Jenkins once again! Swansea City is back open for business!!!!!