REVEALED: Gylfi Sigurdsson has a £10 million release clause in new contract

In a come and get me call from his agent today it was revealed that the Icelandic star has a clause in his contract which will allow him to speak with any club as long as the bid is made on a Tuesday, submitted by fax and by a secretary who wears particularly raunchy spectacles!

I imagine that I haven’t got it all perfectly right there but you never know!!

On the face of it, it has been the best news released from the club this summer and clearly our best signing! We will probably discover over time whether there are clauses within the contract as they do tend to add them into contracts these days and any such clauses will decide how good today’s news really is.

What is clearly encouraging is hearing what the Iceman had to say about the club and the group of players that he works with; having big praise for both and for the city and the area as a whole. I’m guessing Swansea life is probably less alien to an Icelandic person than the busy city of London!

Overall, it is clearly good news and should certainly guarantee that he’s with us until January and probably for the whole season and we will have to wait and see if we hear any release clauses next Summer!

For now though, I say that it is news worthy of a beer to celebrate!!