It is very rare that I talk about egg chasing but I’ve learned a bit about the goings on in this dark and concerning world and I felt the need to share the sheer insanity of it with like-minded football folk who understand the importance of reality

It is completely alien to us football fans to imagine but in rugby, the clubs want what is best for the players and that’s just how it is.. like, always!

So your local rugby club, let’s say Birchgrove, and imagine that their number eight is doing really well. Swansea RFC want him to play in their next game and so he simply plays in their next game and misses Birchgroves next game because of it.. and wait for it… Birchgrove are really happy for him. How fucked up is that??

It gets worst!! Lets imagine that he does really well with Swansea RFC. Now the Ospreys want him and so guess what? He misses the next Swansea RFC match and plays in the next Ospreys game……and wait for it….. Swansea RFC are happy for him AND Birchgrove are really happy too. These egg-chasers live in some screwed up dimension.

Now, its February, (this is going to tip you over the edge, I seriously suggest you sit down!) the 6 nations are coming and Wales want him to play for them and so, he plays for Wales, misses all of February and March’s games for the Ospreys.. guess what? The Ospreys are really happy for him, Swansea RFC are delighted and Birchgrove are so immensely proud! Genuinely this happens, I have not made it up, I have seen it happen in real life!

Then, he gets called up to the British Lions and then the intergalactic Human beasts against the rebel alien alliance! Ok, it stops there, I did make the alien bit up but it’s no more unimaginable than the other bits!

It is like there is a human element to these sports people. Don’t they realise that we live in a capitalistic society where everything, including people are simply a matter of financial worth to their owner?

And it gets even more weird! Sometimes, some teams don’t have a game one weekend but the player wants to play a game of rugby. This is going to blow your mind! And then there are some teams who have a game on and haven’t got enough players. This is just absurd, I am struggling to even write this. The player, can find a team that want an extra player and …wait for this because it is seriously fucked up…… they play for that team! They might not have ever even been to St Clears before but they simply play a game for them! MENTAL!!!

It is as if, playing rugby is actually an important part of rugby. Don’t get me started on mixed fans, drinking in stadiums etc… they have got it all wrong!!!!

Looking at rugby through a football fans eyes is kind of like visiting Spain, realising that the whole country work less hours than me for the same standard of living while seeking reassurance in the fact that our national GDP is higher…… I think we may have it wrong (that’s both football and our screwed up country) e 3 Accent