Season Ticket Sales Disaster For Cardiff City FC!

It is hard supporting a football club sometimes, especially when you’ve sold your soul, have a twat for a manager and play appallingly boring football and it seems Cardiff city’s ticket sales for the new season have showed just this.

It is fair to say that they are blessed with a lot of plastic fans but it seems even the allure of playing Premier League Football isn’t tempting these people to sit through 90 minutes of pure boredom.

They averaged a little over 20,000 fans in their promotion winning campaign last term, which was a 25% increase on their mid-table finish twelve months previous; so they managed to get 4,000 half hearted fans there but it seems not even the Premier League can take them that bit further.

Last time they were in the Premier League, where they finished with their highest ever finish of 20th (Swansea worst ever finish is 17th btw) Cardiff managed to have an average attendance of 27,429 but it seems these fans aren’t coming back.

One told us ‘To be honest, I only bought a season ticket for Cardiff that year because it was the only way I could ensure 100% that I could watch a Swans game! I couldn’t get a ticket to watch the Swans because they were sold out every game so when Cardiff went up (playing in red remember: because it was ‘lucky’) I got the season ticket just so I could watch the likes of Michu and Hernandez. I think loads did that’.

There are over 2,000 season tickets left to be sold! Plus there is obviously match day tickets so it looks likely that Cardiff will see the most empty seats in the Premier League next season. Incidentally there is still a waiting list for Swansea city season tickets………………….