Should they stay or should they go?

As the country decides whether we should stay or go in Europe. This is who I think should stay and go at the Swans:


I like a goalkeeper which I don’t think about too much and just gets on with him job, makes few howlers and has no obvious weakness in his game and our Pole is a great example of this. He probably didn’t have as good a season as his debut one for us but I’m very happy to keep hold of him and for him to remain number one.


I struggle with this one to be honest. Heart over head comes to mind but then sometimes your head tries to contemplate for your heart and you go too far the other way! He can’t remain first choice but I’d like him to stay around!


He’s not a great player but then few are. He is pretty solid without ever really exacting us too much. I would probably see him go, bring in someone to fight with Kingsley.


A disappointing season in reality. I thought he took to the premier league like a Swan to water last year and I expected him to push on and us sell him for £40 million to Real Madrid this Summer. It hasn’t worked out like that, I like him, keep him but he needs a good start in August or Jordi will start (if he doesn’t anyway!)


Most important player at the club still, he keeps the defence together. Absolutely vital that we keep hold of him once again!


Hopefully we may have found a manager who understands the importance of having the ball and breaking up play. I really don’t understand why so many managers have been quick to dismiss the importance of this guy; he never lets us down!!


I’m a fan of Jack Cork and I think he’s finally been allowed to be a fully integrated midfielder instead of sitting in front of the back four. He can play! He should be allowed to get forward and get in the mix; he can score goals, create and make things happen. He’s not Leon Britton, don’t treat him like it!!!!


Where would we be without his goals last season? It is vital that we keep him and build our attacking line up around him. He has to sit in that hole behind the striker and sign the front man and fit the wide men to suit our best player!


If we are playing slow possession football then don’t play him! If we are playing free flowing counter attacking football then he’s as good as anyone. Leicester should be pondering a £30 million bid because he’d be awesome for them. When we play to his strengths then he’s great, when we don’t then he isn’t. Keep him but play him wisely!


Mr frustrating. Is it a coincidence that he started and finished the season well when the weather wasn’t so cold? It might be but I’m onto you Mr!! I want to see you skinning people on a cold dark evening match away at Stoke in January! On his day he’s brilliant; keep!!


I apologise Mr Montero; here is Mr Frustration. I have no issue with being offside, Jermain Defoe is often caught offside as he makes his aggressive runs. What I have major issues with is when you are starting offside! That is totally different; that is lazy and if you are getting £80,000 a week then the very least you can do is put a shift in! He does have potential, the right manager could get the best out of him but I’m glad to see our squad without Jonjo and I think this guy needs to bugger off too!!


I like him. He shouldn’t be first choice but then you shouldn’t be able to sign a first choice striker for less than £15 million these days. I think he is a decent signing and offers a different option, a good second or third choice striker.


Mr Potential! He’s exciting, he’s exactly who you want to watch on a football pitch. Totally underused all season. He could be our best player next year, he works hard, seems to have good attitude and he’s very, very dangerous. Can he learn to finish? Sky the limit of he can!!


Do you know; I’m not fussed! Don’t like him coming out and saying he wants Champions League football after one season; ta-ra mate!! Don’t think he fits our style, is he a lone striker? Wide man? Build the side around Siggy and I don’t think he fits it; cash in!!!!!


Which Ki we talking about? One from last season or the one who has been pretty woeful since. A really good player on his day and a player young enough for him to cement himself a place in the starting line up and our history but he needs more consistency and I wouldn’t be surprised if we decide to offload.


Is our Premier League winner up to the mark? It’s a toughie to be honest. I’d put Barrow and Montero ahead of him and I think Routledge offers more on a regular basis. I would like 4 wingers but I think I’d like to offload and bring someone in. Bit of youth maybe, bit of trickery, maybe a winger who can also play up top? I think I’d say thank you and goodbye!


Not played too much but done little wrong when he has. He’s approaching the age where he needs to do something or he never will. I think I’d look at who wants him on loan, if we can get a full season in the Championship then maybe give another season but if he’s not good enough for Oldham then he’s never  going to cut it!!


Promising. He’s still only 20 and impressed at Blackburn in recent months. He needs to play! Either on loan or for us. I’d love us to be brave enough to at least make him our first choice reserve on our bench next season. Lets play some youth and gamble!!!


Fantastic end of the season and very impressive win record. Did I see that he didn’t lose in league all season? He must want first team football and arguably deserves his chance next year. Great on the ball. Lets give the boy a chance!!


I’ve always liked him, I like his physical approach and how he wants to impose himself on the striker. He has dropped to a clear firth choice in our squad now and that’s no good for him or for us and its sadly time he went elsewhere. Shame because I like him but needed for his career!!


And the prize to the least improved player of the year goes to… He has steadily got worse since joining us and he’s clearly a worse right back than an aging Rangel. Sell while we might still get something for him; either that or sort yourself out son!!!!!!


While Naughton has been going backwards, this guy has flown!! He can cross!!! A full back who can cross the ball!!! Never thought I’d see that in a Swans shirt! In our current squad, he’s our best full back! That’s not a great achievement in reality but it’s a fact!


I know incredibly little about this guy but for the fact that he’s played for Sweden and he sits on our bench. That’s fine by me!

What do you think??