Sh!t You Should Know

‘Russia is one of the most unequal economies in the developed world. The biggest complaint from Russians is that Putin has failed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. 20 million Russians live below the poverty line while over 100 billionaires flaunt their wealth’

That is a line from Jonathan Dimbleby during his ‘Putins Russia’ Panorama documentary broadcast and funded by our own state funded media the BBC.

The documentary looked at how brain washed Russians could possibly love a president who was clearly using propaganda to control them. Luckily in this country we don’t have such propaganda or such inequality………. BOLLOCKS WE DON’T!”!!

It is probably the most blatant and easily proved load of shit I have seen in recent years. That’s not to say that Russia is equal, it isn’t, far from it but for a British journalist working for our British state funded media, you’d have to assume that this was relative…..That Russia was unequal compared to Britain….

My first step was to google ‘how many Brits were under the poverty line’ and google kindly told me that between a quarter and a third of Brits fell over the poverty line over a three year period. (20 million Russians is less than 14% of the country) and Russia have less billionaires per capita than the UK.

So surely the UK is a MORE unequal economy than Russia?

Further studying; The United Nations Development Programme looks at countries and how their top 10% of the population compares to the bottom 10%. According to these figures the most unequal country in the world is Namibia where the top 10% have 106 times more income or expenditure than the poorest 10%.
The African and South American countries make up most of the top of the list but then we get to the good old U S of A, our idols! The top 10% have 18 and a half times more than the bottom 10% (and this is income or expenditure, if we get into wealth then the levels are impossible to even imagine). Our beloved United Kingdom, the type of country able to send a very respectable journalist by a respected broadcaster to a foreign country to ‘investigate’ corruption and inequality in less superior countries has 13.8 times more income for the richest 10%.

Russia comes in at 12.7%. (Incidentally Japan is only 4.5% and Czech Republic is 5.2%)

But why aren’t Russians fighting this inequality was the message of the programme (which was produced by our state funded media remember)? And the answer is ‘their state media controls their mind’. The programme had 4 stars from the telegraph ‘Dimbleby plays a blinder with his account of Putins gamesmanship’.

You’re being fucked over! I’m being fucked over! We are being fucked over! Open your eyes! This is shit you should know!!!!!!!!! But remember that that vegetarian in a beard who keeps banging on about inequality in this country and taxing the richest more, well he’s a terrorist! Don’t listen to him! Dangerous man he is!!! He’ll bankrupt the country and let the IRA borrow our nukes!!