Signings: Is this what we are to expect?

It would be wrong to slag off a player that I’ve never seen play and to somehow complain that we aren’t wasting money but I make a habit about being wrong and so here goes:

We can’t continue signing  cheap second string players and expect anything other than relegation!!

I have never seen Mike Van Der Hoorn play but I’d like to think that the Ajax manager and Dutch coach would have and neither seem that fussed on him as he can’t get a game with either side.

It would hardly be an insult not making the starting eleven of the great Ajax or Dutch sides of years gone by but anyone who has seen either team play in recent years would know that Kyle Bartley would walk into either team sheet and I think you would make the bench!

Ajax would seriously struggle in the Premier League and would be among the favourites to go down and so I’m sorry but I’m far from excited about signing a player who has managed 33 games in 3 years for them.

He’s young for a centre back and somebody may have seen something in him that others haven’t and I don’t want to direct this at this specific signing but we can’t continue to make signings like this and before anyone starts; this isn’t what got us where we are!!

We have always been careful in the transfer market, we haven’t wasted money for the sake of it but in recent windows we have gone from being careful to being tight and it is going to bite us on the ass!!

Whats next? A forth choice Inter Milan striker to run our front line?

Hopefully this is just a squad signing and we will eventually spend some money when the board is all confirmed but if this is a sign of things to come then we are in the shite!!!