Swans fans treatment of Neil Taylor is embarrassing

Not all fans, it must be said but there are a lot of fans who cannot wait to see the back of the Welsh international and I cannot get my head around it. There are times that I think players deserve to get stick, I felt little sympathy for Gomis this time last year, his attitude was wrong; he didn’t put the effort in that the rest of the team and us fans deserved and so let rip, shout whatever obscenities you like (within reason).

But I cannot fault Taylors attitude, from what I understand, he is one of the first in training and last out, he gets his head down and works his ass off, he’s come through the leagues and appreciated what he’s got.

I totally agree that he’s a frustrating player; especially when going forward, his end product is nowhere near Premier League standard but he’s never really let us down defensively and he cost bugger all in relative terms. I don’t get the ‘boo boys’ feeling towards him.

Personally I would like him to stay. I am glad that we have brought what seems like a better player in ahead of him but should Olsen get injured with a few games to go then I’d rather see the experience of Taylor in the really big crunch matches at the close than the youth of Kingsley.

Either way, he’s been a great signing for us and deserves thanks and not abuse. Best of luck!!