Top of the league. Cup run. Attractive Football. This football malarkey is quite simple really isn’t it.The wheels could fall off as quickly as they have been bolted on but life is suddenly quite nice once again at Swansea City Football Club.The difference with this summers transfer window to the last one was striking and has allowed for a far more up-beat squad, fan base and city in general.

There was real hostility this time last year, not just with the fans but within the squad. Dyer and Routledge were being overlooked as there was a clear desire to make black sheep and almost shame those on higher wages. It was nasty, stupid and lessons have thankfully been learned. Seeing Andre Ayew and Borja Baston return to the squad and starting line-up isn’t rocket science but basic common sense.

No doubt that the club would have happily seen both players removed from the wage budget but if we are going to pay them then lets play them and get the very best from them.

The Ghanaian recently stated ‘”I’m really enjoying my football at Swansea and I’d like nothing more than to stay part of this squad.”I feel at home here and sometimes you have to go with what your heart is telling you. I believe we can achieve great things. I’m ready to continue and go for it.”

It helps being top of the league, you get the feeling that one of his seven offers from European clubs may have seemed more tempting had we been in the relegation zone (you also get the feeling that the 7 European clubs interested is a load of bollocks made up by his agent but anyway….)

It is good, it is healthy and makes for a feel-good factor with fans and players. Baston clearly feels love from the supporters and desperately wants to pay it back. His effort has always been true, even when his quality wasn’t and the Gaffa has put his arm around him, made him feel special and is getting the very best out of him.

Players don’t become bad players overnight, the success of the club in getting to the Premier League was based on an ethos, harmonised dressing room and you feel like we are getting back to that.

Birch deserves tremendous credit for what he has installed at the club. As I said, there wasn’t the same toxic feeling over the last few months as last year. Yes James and McBurnie went and there were contracts which weren’t renewed but it was done calmly, sensibly, on a case by case basis and the club never came across as desperate.

All transfer windows are closed for a while and the likes of Ayew and Baston have no option but to enjoy their time here and make the most of it. January will bring whatever January brings but it is welcoming to see the calm, common sense approach return.