Swansea City Owners NOT crooks…….. but Useless Idiots!!

We are approaching the most important month the club has had since our survival season in Division three. The owners appear to have lost total interest in the club, a chairman brought in with a cash incentive to find a buyer and a young group of talented players that will be dismantled if no new owners come in ASAP.

The clock is ticking. The transfer window opens in under a months time and a mass exodus looks almost certain unless a new buyer can be found. There appears to be two simple options:
1) the club gets sold
2) the players will

One of the worst things you can do in life or business is prod along, it generally results in shit for everyone but that’s exactly what the owners are doing right now (and what Jenkins and co did while selling to the Yanks which started the mess we are in). It is reported that the shrewd American businessmen that took over the club are willing to write-off around a third of their investment but they seem to be stuck with tunnel vision.

Firstly, to think that the club is worth two thirds what it was three years ago is crazy but what seems equally bizarre is their total refusal to consider ‘investing’.

The Swans were within a few goals from making the play-offs this year with a squad consisting of a considerable amount of players in their first full season. Should the club be able to hold onto their current crop, their manager and make a couple of additions then there would be a genuine chance of automatic promotion but just ‘staying up’ seems the priority.

I genuinely don’t think these guys have an evil plan syphoning off millions from player sales, I think they are thick as shit and that their investment is dead. They’d be lucky to get a third of what they invested if they were to sell right now and yet ‘taking a hit’ with £20 million would give them a great chance of securing promotion without being a huge gamble.

We are struggling financially, that’s clear from the books and without selling some players this summer then we will make another loss over the financial year; that’s clear but it makes blatant sense!

Think about it, as against selling Grimes, Rodon, Roberts and Celina for a combined £15 million for example to cover next years deficit, how about keeping them, investing £5 million extra on picking up those key areas Potter wants filled and attempt getting back to the £100 million a year land.

Failing to do so simply means that those players can go the following season and possibly for more money!It is a slight gamble as these players value could also go down but it is nowhere near the gamble of buying a football club the other side of the Atlantic at top price for £100 million.

Why the fuck would you do that and then not back your investment up?You sadly feel that minds have been made up and that the chairman and our owners won’t be here this time next year (or at least don’t want to be).

It seems blatantly obvious the owners want out and that Birch is their ticket out of here but unless they go soon or genuinely commit to a promotion charge then the clubs value and the chance of promotion will diminish every week over the transfer window.