Swansea council are shite once again!!

It is about a week since issue #49 of Jack Swan reached the pubs, clubs, cafes and all the other wonderful places of Swansea and it seems like our council have read it:-

I shared some tips on things I learned from my trip to France and this was one of them:-

# 3) Our councils are shite!

The fanzone in Lille and Brussels were outstanding and yet incredibly simple. We’ve known for half a year that Wales will be at its first major tournament since 1958 and over this six months we have managed to organise turning the TV channel in Castle Gardens to BBC 1 for that match. Singleton park should have a huge screen with pop up bars at the side (in fact sod that; the beach should have it!!) and before you go on about the weather; it chucked it down in both Lille and Brussels and both places were packed; come on, sort it out for the World Cup!!

Today, there is talk of exactly this in time for the Semi-Final (not the beach bit). It seriously is pathetic to be honest. Swansea council has made vast improvements in recent years but this is a throwback to years gone by where they want to do as little as possible, be reactive as against proactive and it is embarrassing!

Well done on the recent triathlon and the half marathon but come on! Pull your f&cking finger out and pull something out of the bag here because it is shocking that people are leaving from Swansea to go to a fanzone in Cardiff and that its their pubs and clubs mopping up before and after the game and not our local ones!

Please share this and ensure it finds the right people 🙂